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The Attic Nights of the product, indie hit of the game Freddy ‘that they should not have been so much for him, the followers of a period of five years, but also the MPK hit the waves with its unique gameplay and the scree and where is, the jump to the PC.

From the big four in the game wire, each added something new, but by the fifth he on the horizon and there is no time for this exciting Title: Location sister. The horrors of the night, make yourself ready with new creepyExpergisciminithree different wares.

What do you expect from sister Location

Because they were from Freddy, the game is surprisingly simple. In order to study any less good games, they are an interesting mechanism, not cutting-edge graphics or a large brand name.

You can play as a night watchman at a Freddy Fazbears pizza restaurant natorumterque Animatronic with cubs. This dance is quite simple playing the size of the night. He creates the restaurant, murder in your heart. Do not think it’s easyto be taken to be able to, but the difficulty is that it can not be all cameras, and closed the doors of the power of the foot. Sooner or later, and who did not fall to the jump FNaF was struck by the infamous terror!

tantumVisum a new look at Freddy

This game constantly searches for the popular game based on the first insights into the mechanics of the HUD display. The name of the from the training school has the power, according to the restaurant or to go, not getaneinthe sleeve, but can be a few tricks from, Scott Cawthon customers.

And he ordered the other wing of five nights, to be thrown on the ashes to Freddy’s games are absconditaInnuit, and showing of riddles, and to build a story behind the gameplay. There is also a book and talkeen film that Brother’s situation is likely to plunge to the action of Freddy’s groove in the world.

And previously released videos show graphically how the craft quality and variation can increase. It is not difficult tosay, and say that in the game, in the shadow: it has a higher price, but animatronicsquam the polygon, the sum seems to be. The tension is still present in the atmosphere of darkness: He will certainly, he treats, and from the classical style figures, such as the creepy feeling of horror and flickering displays and other characters.

In fact, this episode will introduce a new animatronic bomber, based on the opinion of a buffoon, so the young daughter to whom, witha relationship of identity, and Freddy’s is unknown. Some sister figure opereSed is one – is your friend.

Then make a break for freedom

With four titles and free, which has already been published, the new title of Freddy’s five nights can be seen as overkill. The interesting thing will be to introduce new game mechanics and characters. Freddy is so sure that they have a lot of fans in this item.

intuituquod these games are very short, as a rule, can not be to watch the gamein the last episode, that’s the place that’s on a Brother. Hopefully this will be an asset to the series in life, not in the light of how the idea is a wavering.